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A little bit of Islam

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

This website is geared towards Christianity but we'll talk about Islam since that's a brother in faith to christianity.

There will be more to come about Islam but the easiest way to dispel the validity of their religion is to look at their holy books.

Their God gave the Quran to the prophet Muhammad. They believe the Bible was incorrect and a product of man and not God.

Their God dictated the Quran to the prophet Muhammad line by line. Since the beginning of time, according to the muslims, we've had no accurate scripture on God and his desires for humanity.

Thankfully, God finally decided to get around to writing a book. Over the course of 23 years, Muhammad was given the Quran.

After all this time and all the holy wars and everything else going on with humanity, God finally gave us a book.

This book would have to be perfect, right?

Unfortunately, this was not the case.

We're going to talk about something called hadiths.

Hadiths are extra scriptural understandings that are divinely inspired to the prophets and companions of the prophets. They help further elaborate and explain the Quran.

There are levels of hadiths. some hadiths are incorrect or unverified or unauthenticated. Some are a weak Hadith which means it's plausible but not taken as scripture. Some are an authenticated Hadith which is supposed to be taken as much as the truth as the Quran itself.

The first problem here is that a companion of the prophet could say a hundred things but only two of them be authenticated. Maybe he only said 10 things and four of them are authenticated. The problem is that the profit either is or is not speaking for god.

Wouldn't someone who speaks for God be 100% accurate? Why is the god of Abraham such a poor messenger? In all of his religions, the people always condemn the scriptures they're given.

Muslims have the Quran and then the Muslim Billy Mays walks in and says "but wait, there's more!"

God finally got around to giving his people some sort of written guidance but he was unable to effectively communicate his message. Did he forget to include that?

Muslims also had slaves. There are many different hadiths and verses that talk about slavery, so just like the Christian apologetics, you're only going to hear the ones that support The narrative of the Muslim saying their God is good.

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