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But that's the Old testament

A common Christian trope is that they will discredit the old testament's validity anytime you bring up any problem with the Old testament.

The Old testament is part of the bible. The Bible as a whole is God's word. In the new testament, it says that every part of the Bible is inspired by god.

But that's the old testament!

"Jesus did away with the Old law"

Christians will frequently say that Jesus fulfilled the Old law and therefore it is no longer valid. They are taking a verse out of context to make that assertion. The verse says "I come not to abolish the law but to fulfill the law." They love to quote the second half of that verse. "Jesus fulfilled the law". What does that even mean? Christians will frequently give the answer and not even realize it. Jesus was born perfect and lived a perfect life, according to the law. If you look up that verse using a Greek lexicon, which is available for free online, you'll find that it's simply means that Jesus embodied the law. Jesus is full of the law. Jesus is filled with the law. Jesus adhered to the law. When you think of jesus, you should be thinking of how to live the law properly.

But what about the first half of that verse? Jesus said, "I come not to abolish the law".

Jesus said that he does not intend to get rid of the law. If his intent was to get rid of the law, then why did he emphasize his whole life on living the law?

I come not to abolish the law. If Jesus came to abolish the law, then Jesus lied.

The law came from God, who is the same today as he is tomorrow. The law came from the source of Christians' absolute morality. Whether or not the law is still in effect has no bearing on whether or not it is moral. God is the absolute morality which means his laws are morally correct.

When God says, "kill them All but save the Virgin daughters for yourselves. They are The spoils of war." He is saying that it is morally okay to rape little girls in certain circumstances. Who are we to judge God's morality?

The 10 commandments

Christians always reference the ten commandments. The ten commandments are found in the old testament. Is the Old testament valid or not? Honor your mother and father. Thou shalt not kill. Honor the Sabbath day. At the same time that the Christians acknowledge the ten commandments, they ignore the ten commandments. They at least ignore some of them. When is the last time you've known a Christian to honor the Sabbath day by making it a day of rest? In the biggest load of horseshit nonsense that I've ever heard is "Jesus is my Sabbath". Jesus honored the Sabbath day. Jesus preached to follow the old testament.

Original sin

We need Jesus to save us from our original sin. But the original sin was a concept that came out of the old testament. Is the Old testament valid or not? Original sin is a concept that says that all humans are rebellious and are in need of salvation. This story comes from the garden of Eden where God created and designed humans and then put them in the garden and then added a forbidden tree and a serpent who would tempt them. God knew the serpent would tempt the humans to eat from the forbidden tree. Even though God knew that the serpent would tempt the humans to eat from the forbidden tree, God didn't change his design of the humans and he still put the forbidden tree in the garden and also put the serpent there to tempt them. God created a scenario to make humans fail so he could make the humans feel inferior and in need of salvation and guidance. God orchestrated the whole event. If somebody sets you up for failure, you should resent them. You should not follow them and love them and worship them. Following somebody that treats you maliciously is the result of Stockholm syndrome.

Nevertheless, here we are. We are the ancestors to this devious plot. If we need Jesus to save us, then the Old testament must still be valid. If Jesus died for our sins, then it can only be due to the old testament.

Noah's ark and the flood

Here's another story that the Christians only tell part of. Rainbows are God's promise that he will never flood the Earth and kill every single living baby ever again. God will never kill his own creation that is acting by his design and going along with his plan because he realized how horrible of a designer and Creator he actually is.

Why did God flood the Earth according to the bible? To get rid of evil. Was there evil after the flood? Yes. So God did not do a good job of that either. I'm not keeping score of God's failures. If you want to get a pen and paper as you go through my different articles, feel free to come up with the tally.

God made the garden of Eden and humans in that failed. Then he tried to wipe out evil and failed.

Every time you see a rainbow, you should be reminded of how much of a failure God really is.


Moses is the most famous prophet in the Bible. He is known as the best prophet among Jewish culture and is reference to the most in the new testament. Moses was the prophet who helped free the Jewish slaves and parted the Red Sea and got the ten commandments. The New testament referencing Moses references the Old testament by proxy. Who is moses? You have to go to the Old testament to find out.

Moses was such an idol in the Jewish faith, all the stories of Jesus were molded around Moses. They both had a water miracle, parting the sea or walking on water. They both went on a mountain to get the law or talk about the law. They both had a troubled birth. They both did miracles that fed people, Moses feeding his people in the desert and Jesus with the fishes and bread.

They both faced off against their respective governments. There are many more parallels between the story, but it's awfully convenient that people trying to control the Jews copied the story of the Jews favorite prophet.

Love others as I have loved you

Here is another verse that Christians love to quote and they do so out of context. For the Christians to always default to the answer that everyone else is taking the Bible out of context, they sure do that a lot themselves.

The full story of this verse is found in matthew.

Roman officials are coming up to Jesus and trying to trip him up on his words so he is at fault of the law. They are trying to get him to break the law of the land while keeping his own law. They challenge him with asking him if people should pay taxes. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and what's left will be God's.

They then asked Jesus what the most important commandment is. Jesus replies, "the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love others as I have loved you". Love others as I have loved you. This is where the Christian stop but the story doesn't stop here. Jesus goes on to say, "for all the laws of the prophets hang on this principle". This would be like your parents telling you to behave. When they say behave, they are implying that you're going to follow all the rules that they've told you before. Be polite. Take off your shoes. Say yes sir and yes ma'am. Share with others.

Jesus was saying to behave. To love God and love others implies by jesus's example that you are to follow the law. The law of the old testament. "But Jesus fulfilled the law".

Listen here you little peasants....

"God knew you before you were formed in the womb." And yet he's still allows rapist and murderers to be born. He sits there and watches and does nothing. And if there was a lifelong pedophile who raped and killed his entire life and then on his deathbed, he had a religious revelation in converted to christianity, he gets to go to heaven with no punishment.

God does not care about people. God only cares that they worship him.

In the old testament, God would have his people go around killing everyone else that didn't believe in god. That is to say, the people that God himself didn't kill. The flood, plagues of egypt, Sodom and gomorrah, etc.

In the new testament, they introduced the concept of an eternal heaven and hell which would then be your punishment or reward.

God only cares that you worship him. Both the new and the Old testament attest to this fact. God loves us? No! He only loves our worship.

What do we get to do in heaven? We get to spend our days glorifying god. There is no free will since Free Will introduces sin and God cannot be with sin. You will be a mindless worshiping robot for eternity. You will be worshiping a baby killer who orders his people to rape little girls.

Who is jesus? The messiah?

Christians follow the Christ which is Jesus the Messiah. How do you know that Jesus is the messiah? What makes Jesus the messiah? The answer is very simple. The Messiah is the one who fulfills the prophecies of the old testament.

Let's play a quick game for any Christians who are reading this. Name two prophecies right now. LOL

God spoke to the Jews on a regular basis. He was always giving them rules and Revelations on how to live their lives. He would tell them of things to come. Some of these things included prophecies about the savior of israel. The messiah. Jesus cannot hold the titles of the Messiah or the Christ or the savior unless he fulfilled the prophecies of the old testament. These prophecies come from god.

One prophecy that the Jews believed was that their savior was going to be a great leader. A king over the nations. Literally a king. Jesus was nothing more than a traveling prophet. There were many recorded traveling prophets who claimed to be the Messiah back in the day. Jesus of Nazareth was just one of many.

Another prophecy given directly to the Jews by God was that the Messiah was going to bring peace to israel. Ask any Jew if they've ever felt at peace. Look at Israel, the people of god, ever since jesus. The Spanish inquisition, the Roman inquisition, the Mormon massacre, the Catholic crusades, Salem witch trials, etc. Does that sound like there is peace in israel?

Another prophecy is that Jesus would come from the bloodline of david. David is King david. David is the guy that raped Bathesda and had her husband killed so he could have her all to himself. While that's an irrelevant fact, why is it so important that Jesus comes from the bloodline of a rapist and murderer?

The only genealogies given in the Bible follow joseph. But Joseph didn't inseminate mary, God did. If you look at Joseph's genealogy, there's two conflicting versions of it in the bible.

The Jews got these prophecies from God along with their rules and regulations regarding all the aspects of the prophecies. When the Jews said that the Messiah would come from the bloodline of David, they had a full understanding of what that meant. The New testament has a verse that says God put the seed of David in Mary. Why would God give the Jews and understanding of how it works and then completely go against it? Jewish royalty comes through the father's bloodline. This is what God explained to the jews.

The Christians called Jesus the Messiah in the Messiah is the one who fulfills the prophecies of the old testament. God's prophecies. According to God and his prophecies, Jesus is not the messiah. But calling Jesus the Messiah means the Old testament is valid. If the Old testament is valid, then Jesus is not the messiah. If the Old testament isn't valid, then Jesus still isn't the messiah.

The new testament is riddled with so many conflicting stories within itself that clearly it is not the word of any all knowing creator. The biggest telltale sign that the New testament is hogwash is that the "Messiah" didn't even fulfill the Old testament prophecies.

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