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Christianity is a terrorist organization

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Unlawful violence would be something like harassment and bullying and isolation and child abuse and child neglect. Verbal and physical abuse are both detrimental to a person's health and well-being.

When you constantly tell someone that they're wrong or a sinner or going to burn in hell forever because they don't fit the description of your religion, you are terrorizing that person.

When your own home life and safe spot is overrun by the Bible, where are you supposed to go for your peace of mind? When you're home, and your parents abuse you or shun you because you don't believe what they're trying to force you to believe, what do you do? Where can you go?

When the church covers up their own abuse, there's no accountability from the top.

When your family, your parents, your protectors and guardians won't even listen to you because they submit their will to the leaders of the church, where can you go? What can you do?

The church and it's followers are literally terrorizing people.

The church and its followers are terrorizing the world.

The members of the blood cult preach their happy-go-lucky message while enforcing their death cult practices on the world. Letting human beings die to save a fetal clump of cells is anti-human. They preach that their basis for this decision is because of their faith in their god. A God who kills babies himself. A God who kills pregnant mothers all the time. A God who orders his people to rape little girls. The hypocrisy of the Christians is the worst aspect to deal with.

When you try to pin down a Christian and hold them accountable for the actions of other christians, you get the same answers.

It's nobody's fault, but people are still getting hurt. Children are suffering. Children are being shunned and excommunicated from their families and support systems because of their lack of belief. Innocent people are dying because of these hypocritical terrorists.

For the sake of our children, our future, please stand against this terrorist organization. Please call out this not so innocent behavior.

We have to end the terrorism. America, number one in people incarcerated and top of the list for homeless and political corruption and military spending and jesus. When you raise your people with the religion of hypocrisy and terrorism, nobody is accountable for their actions and things only get worse. The book that says to not care about matters of this world and focus only on your relationship with God and the poor will always be with us cannot be a book that's good for our humanity.

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