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Christianity makes no sense

To be a christian, you have to believe the Messiah has come and has fulfilled the prophecies of the old testament. (Basically, but not exclusively)

To believe the Old Testament is fulfilled, you would have to read the Old Testament and study the Old Testament to know what the prophecies are. More so, you have to understand how these prophecies were understood by the people who were given the prophecies.

The average modern Christian has never read the bible. They don't know what the Bible says. They don't know what the prophecies are. They just take it on faith that the large group of God's chosen people, the Israelites or the jews, are wrong about their own scripture. Without doing any research, they're going to say that this whole group is wrong.

This is just been troubling me recently and it's hard for me to wrap my head around this idea. The people who know the scripture don't think Jesus is the messiah. The people who God chose and God spoke to on a regular basis don't believe Jesus is the messiah. The people who wrote and lived the Old Testament scriptures don't believe that Jesus is the messiah. But here comes a group of people who just so haphazardly and defiantly reject the nation of Israel blindly.

We have all this factual documentation for the Jewish theology and Christians want to ignore it and spout their own truth. They take it on faith that the Jews don't know their own history. How insulting is that?

They believe the Jews are wrong. Here comes the crucial questions. If the Jews are wrong, this would lead to one of two conclusions.

  1. God is a bad messenger and he is unable to adequately relay his message to his people.

  2. God is a bad designer and can't design a person capable of understanding his message.

So not only are the Christians blindly insulting a group of people who have been around for thousands of years, they openly mock the god they claim to follow.

The Christian God is incompetent. No wonder Christians follow this god.

Isn't this horribly insulting? The Christians are basically telling the Jews "I don't know anything about your faith but you're wrong."

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