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Christians are indoctrinated

Indoctrination just means that you're told to believe something without being given the chance to understand why you're supposed to believe it.

Christians are given the narrative, or the conclusion, before they're given the information. They blindly accept God is love in Jesus is Love and Jesus died for you because he loves you without reading the Bible first. Look how happy all the people are around you. They I believe this is true and it's a good thing so it must be true. I don't need to read the Bible for myself. I'll just blindly accept what everybody else is saying. That's indoctrination. Giving your young children pray at the dinner table to the god of the Bible without first reading the Bible is indoctrination. You are instilling a lifestyle into them without giving them the chance to determine their own narrative or conclusion about the bible.

When you go to church, the pastor, who wants your money, only tells you the good stories in the bible. He explains how Jesus loves you so much that he died for you. That Jesus performed all these miracles which shows he's a loving god. They are increasing the substantiation of their indoctrination without giving you the full story.

They tell you all these little phrases to help protect your indoctrinated ideology. If someone doesn't agree with your narrative, they don't have the holy Spirit in them. They must be mad at god.

Most Christian parents won't let their children read the bible. Why? Because then that would break their indoctrination spell. Kids are smarter than adults. Kids know good and bad. Kids know that killing babies is always a bad thing.

To know whether or not you have been indoctrinated, did you accept Jesus in your life before or after you've read the entire bible?

Let's do a quick thought experiment.

A whole bunch of people were killed because they thought differently and worshipped differently then what a guy thought God wanted. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Am I talking about Moses or am I talking about Hitler? Why is one situation any better than the other? If you haven't been indoctrinated, you would say that they're both wrong. I've been indoctrinated, you'd say Moses is good because God is love. You would also sound like a psychopath.

Fire is hot. You're taught this as a child. As you grow up, you test this theory. You can confirm with experimentation that fire is indeed hot.

Ice comes from water that has been in freezing conditions. You see live experiments of this all the time. You fill up the ice tray and put it in the freezer and it comes out as ice.

You're also told that Jesus loves you. But in this scenario, you're not allowed to read the evidence, or the bible, because you're too young. There are too many awful things that would show you that Jesus is not love, that God is not love. Kill the infants and suckling.

And then, when children ask their parents, "why mommy? Why daddy?", The parents continue the indoctrination by using the fear of hell. Don't question it! Questioning things is evil!

If you believe that your God is so good, then read the Bible with your child from cover to cover. And really watch this child that you love have to process all this bad stuff. Jesus says that you must be like a child to enter heaven. So use the child as your divining rod to navigate good and evil. When you see them start to quiver and cry, reflect on that.

Maybe you're indoctrinated and you should stop the abuse cycle. Maybe you should question your own beliefs.

In Genesis 39, it says that you get striped goats by their parents mating in front of a branch. Do you really believe that? Then reevaluate what you consider true.

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