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Christians are intellectually dishonest hypocrites...

There is one "God's word" but many types of christians. The many variations of the Bible are God's inspired word unless it says something the Christians don't want to hear.

Christians say that they love and follow their God but then they ignore his teachings and even go so far as to fight against them.

God is a baby killer who asks his followers to kill babies and he approves of rape and slavery and human sex trafficking and teaches us how to do abortions. Most Christians are against these things. If you support God in the Bible and are a follower of these, why are you actively preaching against these things?

Christians are commonly found outside of abortion clinics preaching the Bible in an effort to turn people away from abortion while their God has clearly shown that abortions are approved and that God does not care about human life. These Christians are using Bible verses to support their position even though they are using the verses out of context. This intellectual dishonesty is a result of their brainwashing cult. If a non-Christian refers to a verse that they don't like, the Christian usually says the verses out of context. Then they will reply with their own verse out of context.

The Bible clearly shows that God is the same today as he is tomorrow but the Christians are so desperate to separate the Old testament from the New testament. The hypocritical Christian will go so far as to try to explain away what God meant and why he said it even though the Bible clearly says that the mind of man is not God's mind. That is to say, you don't know what God is thinking. so any of these hypocrites who say they have read the Bible and then try to explain away any of the verses whether good or evil are fool hearted.

Jesus said, "I come not to abolish the law but to fulfill it." If you ask any christian, they will call Jesus a liar and say he abolished the law.

Christianity is based on the three gods. God the father, god the son and the holy spirit. If you have a conversation with a Christian on this, you will start to see the intellectual dishonesty leaking out of their eyeballs. Who did Jesus call out to on the cross? Who did Jesus pray to in the garden? The Christians will all fight to say that they are the same God until you say God commanded his people to kill babies.

"Well, that was before Jesus."

"That was the old testament."

In this case, they want to separate their gods as much as possible. There's no theological advantage to them having just one God. In the beginning was the word. And the word was god. But the word is also Jesus. But they're also separate things. Just pick one thing.

Whenever you cite a verse to a christian, they generally will ask you for chapter and verse. But if they've read the bible, they should know where that would come from since the information is so specific to certain books of the bible. If you talk about the sermon on the mount, they can go right to the chapter or be relatively close.

If you talk about the flood, they could flip to the page pretty quickly. But, if you talk about raping little girls, they have no idea what you're talking about.

When you provide them with verses that their brainwashing leader in church doesn't talk about, they usually reply with, "that's not in the bible." "You need to read the Bible." "I've read the Bible." The last phrase has to be my favorite, because they most evidently have not read the bible. They have read bits and pieces from select chapters, but they have never read the bible. There are very few that have actually read it cover to cover, but the most of them just cherry pick what they want to read. From the book that their God almighty has given them. They've read the entire Harry Potter series but they have not read the book from the Creator and designer of this Earth who is offering them a chance at heaven or hell. I digress, when you bring up a verse that they don't like hearing or bring up a concept that they don't like, they get very defensive about it. They only want to hold God in this specific esteem that they've chosen their God to be. The second that they read the verse or story that you've mentioned, they go straight from, "that's not in the bible. That's not my god. God wouldn't do that." to "God can do it he wants." There was no honest consideration of the story or events to determine whether or not their God is still a good God after hearing this.

Most Christians are brainwashed at an early age to learn that God is good and so anything they find out about him is instantly okay.

I just want Christians to use their god-given brains and think about what they're preaching and what they're actually telling people. The God who ordered the raping of little girls is not a good God.

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