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Christians are pedophiles

In the Bible in the book of Numbers in chapter 31, it says kill them all but save the Virgin daughters for yourselves. God orders his people to kill the entire villages but save the young girls for themselves to be raped later.

Just a quick note, the word virgin and it's intended usage can also be described as young, not necessarily abstinent from adult relations.

In a different part of the bible, god provides rules for taking in virgin daughters.

These rules do not protect the virgin daughter from being raped. The rules only say to wait 30 days before you rape her.

You take the girl in and let her mourn the fact that you have just killed her entire family and everyone she ever knew and loved and then you can rape her.

Personally, I see this it as a monstrous and vile and disgusting act. Christians see this and say they want to be a part of that. If you rape a little girl or condone raping little girls, you are a pedophile. There's no other way to say that.

Christians voluntarily join a God who orders his followers to rape little girls.

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