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Christians redefining words

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

There are many words and phrases that Christians use that only fits the context of their own religion. I'm not a part of their religion so I don't accept their definitions.

They will say that they have a "personal relationship" with Jesus. I would like to use the cashier at the gas station by my house as an example. The cashier is a very polite person even though they deal with all types of personalities. When you try to joke with the cashier, they give you the standard American Midwestern smile. They are acknowledging that you're trying to be polite and funny but you haven't tickled their funny bone. They are also an ally for the LGBT community. Judging from their facial expressions, they seem to be under a lot of stress, whether it's at work or at home. I don't have a personal relationship with the cashier but I can tell you all of these things.

With that in mind, let's look at your personal relationship with jesus. Has Jesus ever dyed his hair? What is jesus's favorite movie? Who is jesus's favorite superhero? Has Jesus ever told you a joke that made you laugh really hard? Has Jesus ever farted in front of you? What does Jesus like to drink? Can you tell me anything about Jesus that somebody would not be able to infer from reading the Bible? Does Jesus sleep? What is the last present Jesus got you for either Christmas or your birthday or anniversary or wedding? What type of pet does Jesus like the most?

If you don't have answers to a lot of those questions, then you probably don't have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Christians also say they "talk to God" or "communicate with God". To be fair, I can talk to the dead. They just never answer.

But talking to somebody or communicating with somebody implies two-way communication. God knows my mind and he knows exactly what he needs to say to me for me to believe in him and follow him. And your next communication with god, ask him what you need to say to me in order to convert me. If you actually communicate with god, you will have the exact and precise answer. In fact, call me right now. God will tell you my phone number.

The fact of the matter is that any message you think you received from God is the same message you would get if you were just thinking about the situation yourself.

Good and evil. If you go to a neighbor's house and find out that they don't worship your God or they worship another god, is it good or evil to kill them? The Bible says it's good. The Bible says they are evil. If a woman doesn't bleed from her first sexual encounter, the Bible calls her evil and calls for her family to Stone her to death for being promiscuous. The Bible says to go into other nations and kill everyone and save the Virgin daughters for yourselves. God is ordering his people to rape little girls. Is raping little girls good or evil? The Bible says raping little girls is good.

The Bible says Satan is evil because he tries to keep you away from god. We see the character of God and I wouldn't want anyone I love to be around someone who has those traits. By default and being honest with myself as a member of a civilized society, I have no choice but to be a satanist.

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