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Christians should be pro-abortion

I don't think that any Christian really believe the horse crap that they preach.

"Jesus loves you"

"Jesus saves"

"Jesus is the only way to heaven"

"Heaven is an eternal Bliss with God"

"If you turn from god, you go to hell which is an eternity of torment"

If a Christian really believed in these statements, they would be getting an abortion all the time.

Where do aborted babies go? Straight to heaven.

What happens if a Christian has a baby on earth? They could go to hell.

Why would you want to give the child that you supposedly love an opportunity to go to hell? In your dying breath knowing that your child will be spending an eternity in hell because they've turned out like me, would you have preferred to get an abortion so I automatically go to heaven?

Would any loving parent risk 80 years on Earth against an eternity of torture for their child?

What is 80 years compared to an eternity?

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