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Confrontation at work

If you go back to my blog post about a conversation with my boss, you'll see the bumper sticker that I'll be talking about in this post.

Also, the boss and I have had a couple conversations regarding my thought process into the Bible in specifically pertaining to my bumper sticker. He knows exactly where I stand on the bible.

At work, I'm supposed to cover up the top line of my bumper sticker which says "Christians are pedophiles".

The very next line says:

"Rape little girls" Jesus Christ.

A mechanic saw that bumper sticker on my truck and lost his cool. He let me know that he was very offended. He mentioned that he has daughters. He asked if I had daughters.

I asked him if he followed the Bible to which he said yes.

I told him that the statement and the verse following that comes from the Bible that he follows.

He kept going back to the top line saying that if I had daughters, I would understand. He said he wished that would happen to someone in my family so I would understand.

As most of you know, I also think that's a very disgusting statement. That's why I put it up there. The Bible is disgusting.

But once he said that he wished that would happen to my family, I had to report him to my boss. My boss has been a very strong advocate and Ally for me being able to express my beliefs. He's taking me aside before to make sure that no one has come up to me specifically with problems. The boss says that people have come up to him and express their concerns and the boss defends my position.

As a boss, I've given this guy my full respect and loyalty.

After the confrontation with the mechanic, he said he couldn't work on my truck and he would have to get somebody else to finish up. He walked away and I called my boss to report the incident. I didn't report the incident to be a snitch, but rather, that's what the boss would expect me to do.

After I reported the incident, the very Christian boss and the very Christian HR lady comes storming out of the main building and go directly to the mechanic shop. Both of them and myself and the shop boss had a quick conversation recapping the events that took place. The boss told the shop boss that we have to handle this now and they all stormed off to talk to the mechanic.

So the very Christian boss had to discipline the very Christian mechanic while the mechanic was talking about how disgusting that the statement I use that came from the Bible was well not realizing that it actually came from his own Bible and the Christian boss had to basically defend the disgusting Bible verse.

I didn't get invited to that meeting, so I don't know if the mechanic was suspended or written up or fired, but I thought it was very ironic that both myself and the mechanic thought it was a disgusting statement and he's the one shooting himself in the foot over it. So the ignorant Christian mechanic has to explain to the biblically educated Christian boss that he's offended by what the biblically educated atheist quoted from the Bible.

Oh man.... I was a little nervous about how everything would go down after that, but I've since spoken with the HR lady about an unrelated topic and she never brought anything up so it's water under the bridge. I don't know if the mechanic still works there or not.

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