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Dishonest Christian belief: evil and sin

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

There are many teachings of the church which contradict the bible. Most Christians follow the church and not the bible.

As we all know, most Christians haven't even read the bible. They may have read a few versus or stories here and there, but they've never read the Bible in its entirety and in context.

Most of what the Christians believe in come from the church itself. Christians will believe what the church is telling them because of their very passionately speaking pastor who occasionally throws in a few Bible verses.

Disclaimer: For the entirety of this post and purpose of clarity, we are presupposing the Bible is the truth.

We've all heard the Christian rhetorics: God is love, God is the creator, god is all-knowing, God knows the beginning and the end, God is the designer, God has a plan for us.

Christians say that evil comes from satan. Who made satan? God made hell to punish Satan and the non-believers. In other words, God made evil and then made a torture destination for his own creation. Why would an all-knowing God create evil and create a Satan knowing the evil that Satan would create? Why would a god of love want to make people just too torture them?

Isaiah 45:7 says that God created evil.

Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In order to have knowledge about evil, it must already exist.

Why is there so much evil in this world? Many Christians would say that it's because of man and his sin. But God created evil. So the answer is god. Man is doing what God planned and designed us to do.

Sin only exist because of free will. We have the ability to do right or wrong. When we choose to do wrong, we sin. The ability to do wrong was given to us by our designer and creator, God. God created sin. I can't fly and a tree can't walk. We can only do what we're designed to do. I'm able to walk because I am designed to be able to walk. I can sin because I am designed to be able to sin.

Christians dishonestly put the causation of evil and sin onto each other. They do this because the church teaches them this.

God is either the almighty creator and designer or he's not. He either does or does not have a plan. He either does or does not know what's going to happen. He makes Angels knowing they will fall. He makes humans knowing they will sin and hurt other people.

God made creation and allowed them to reproduce and allowed the fallen angels to interact with them. Got planned this in design this and knew this was going to happen and still allowed himself to get so angry that he flooded the earth. He drowned innocent babies. How many babies choked to death on water?

This is all part of God's plan or it's not. People born to Christian households are told from the beginning that God is love and Jesus loves you. So when you hear any of the horrible Bible stories, they have to fit the narrative that you've already been fed. God must have a reason. Well if God is the Creator and he knows everything, then God makes everything in this world that is evil. God is the reason babies are dying with cancer. God gave Becky a new job and at the same time allows 25,000 people to die every single day of starvation. This isn't due to man's sin. It's due to God's design. This is all going according to God's plan.

If you believe in the god of the bible, you have to believe that God is all-knowing and has a plan. You have to believe that God is the creator. Christians will spend so much energy defending that God is not evil and that evil comes from somewhere else. When doing so, they ignore the Bible where God plainly says that he creates evil and all the stories where planned out all these events to show off his vengeance.

How many people had to die so God could earn his reputation of vengeance? How many dead people do you have to ignore to call god love? How horribly ignorant and inhuman do you have to be to say that God blesses you while he allows other people to suffer horrible and excruciating deaths?

"Well those people go to heaven."

We really don't know anything about heaven. The Bible is very unclear about heaven. It talks about the materialistic structure of heaven. It mentions a few facts like there will be no sin in heaven. Sin only exists if there is free will. This means that there will be no free will in heaven. You will be a mindless worshiping robot standing next to an ax murdering pedophile who repented on his deathbed and caused a lifetime of torture and agony for countless people without Justice or recourse.

And these Christians say that Satan is the bad guy because Satan says stay away from god?

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