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God approves of slavery

Before we get started, I would like to point out that a majority of the Christians would like to argue that what the Bible is referring to when it talks about slavery is closer to indentured servitude.

In the Bible, it says you can beat your slaves as long as they recover by the end of the second day. Whatever name you want to give for that person, they're getting their ass whooped horribly. They're not getting a corrective beating like a smack on the rear end or getting knocked upside the head. They are getting beat so hard that it takes 2 days to recover. I used to do cage fighting in my youth. I've gotten very beat up. And in the worst of my beatings, I was always able to get up as soon as the bell rang and walk myself off and go back to my normal life.

I can't imagine the severity of the beating that a slave would have to get to need two full days to recover.

What sort of demented lifestyle required that God give his people a law to not beat the slaves so bad that they die.

God, through his profits and through God's holy word, the bible, gave us sanction after sanction on how to buy slaves and keep slaves and beat slaves. Never once did the God Almighty who is beyond time and space ever once say that slavery is wrong.

God's absolute morality shows us that slavery is okay and you can beat your slaves whenever you feel like it. Just make sure not to chip their tooth.

We know that God commands and approved of rape so it should also come as no surprise that you can sell your daughters into slavery. These slaves should not go out as the other men do. They should stay inside and please their masters.

If you go back to the time of abraham, Abraham wanted to bear a child and his wife was barren so he used her slave to bear a child.

This may be a topic for a later discussion regarding the sanctity of Christian marriages.

God said do not wear clothing of mixed fabrics. God said do not eat shellfish. God said worship only him. But God never said do not have slaves.

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