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God supports abortion, why don't the christians?

Why do Christians so vehemently protest against their own God?

In this article, we're going to be discussing the infamous abortion chapter found in the bible.

Christians will do as much dishonest dancing around the words of this chapter as they can. They dance as much as they can to distract you from reading it yourself.

What happens to the fetus?

This selection is very simple and I will point out all the keywords for you.

Numbers 5:

¹¹ Then the Lord spoke to Moses...

¹² if you think your wife has cheated on you

¹³ and she has hidden her impurity

... She drinks The bitter water and if she has been unfaithful...

²¹ it causes her womb to miscarry.

Different translations will use different words such as "causing her thigh to rot" which means the same thing.

The unanswerable question that Christians cannot answer is, "what happens to the fetus that is inside the woman?"

The bitter water only activates its magic properties if the woman has been unfaithful. If she has been unfaithful, there would be the seed of another man inside of her.

Why would a man suspect his wife is cheating on her? If she has hid her impurity from him, then he didn't catch her in the act. Either rumors would have started to spread in the following days or weeks or this would be a couple months later when her womb begins to grow.

God clearly commands his people to force a miscarriage, which is an abortion.

The verse goes on to talk about the womb rotting as being a curse. They ignore the verse that talks about the womb miscarrying.

The curse is absolutely true, however. What the Christians will refuse to answer is what happens to the fetus when this curse strikes the lady?

What happens to the fetus?

Looking at this situation, what were the events surrounding the call for an abortion?

It's simply that the wife was unfaithful. Well the man can have many wives and concubines, just as King David did, the wives are only allowed one master, or husband.

The image and purity of God's people was most prevalent in this culture.

This is seen elsewhere in the Bible when talking about the tokens of her virginity where the woman would be killed if these "tokens" were not found.

In the eyes of the israelites, having another man defile the pure bloodline of the Israelites was a bigger problem then the life of a fetus.

The call for an abortion had nothing to do with the health of the mother or finances or any other strain that a child may bring upon its family. It was simply to preserve the image of God's people.

Christianity didn't become "pro-life" (forced birth) until about 50 years ago.

While the Christians actively protest against abortion, they spit in the face of their own God who clearly approves of this activity for trivial reasons.

What if someone cheated on their husband today? Isn't the solution from God to have an abortion? But God's people are making it impossible to follow god. God's people ignore God's word to promote their created narrative of who God is, in spite of what the Bible says.

What happens to the fetus?

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