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Good vs Evil

We're going to start this off by doing a thought exercise together.

I'm going to introduce to you two characters from a book and we're going to go through together and figure out which one is the good guy and which one is the evil guy.

Guy number one: he kills babies because he's mad at the adults. He has his followers kill babies because he's mad at the adults. He orders his followers to rape little girls after killing their families. He sanctions slavery. He blames everyone else for what he did.

Guy number two: he tries to keep people away from guy number one.

In any book you can find in the library, in any story you can find online, in any story told to you by your parents, you can easily identify who is good and who is evil in each of the stories. There are some stories where the evil guy turns good in the end and is then welcomed amongst the rest of the good people.

In my example, the evil guy is most easily identified and, surprisingly, is the most misidentified person in the history of all stories I've ever heard.

I'm sure you know by now, but this story is the holy Bible. The story of God and Satan. I'm sure you've heard God being called the good person and Satan being called the evil person but God is actually guy number one. God is the one doing all these atrocious, vile and disgusting things. Many people believe this is a true story and still call this guy a good guy. This blog is dedicated to putting the truth out there in hopes of ending this abusive and neglectful mislabeling of Good and Evil.

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