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  • Joe Gilmore

How to convert an atheist

We're going to look at some of the most common arguments you for the existence of God and why they fail.

  1. Intelligent design

  2. Fine tuning argument

  3. Everything has a cause

  4. Popularity

  5. Fear-mongering

Intelligent design

One of the most amateur and most frequently used arguments is the intelligent design.

"There's no way we could have got here today without an intelligent designer."

I'm going to make it quick list of things that are obviously not intelligent.

Third world countries are starving to death because their land is infertile. They can't grow plants or have clean drinking water.

Our primary source of light gives us cancer.

We eat and breathe using the same tube.

Most people have to wear corrective eyeglasses.

Over 70% of the Earth is water yet the Earth is supposedly made for humans?

The fact that the birds live in the sky and humans on the Earth and fish in the sea proves evolution. You evolve for your conditions.

Fine tuning

While this is similar to intelligent design, fine tuning is just a little bit different. Fine-tuning refers to the fact that the physical properties of the universe are conducive to supporting human life. As in, the hydrogen and carbon molecules behave perfectly together to form pairs and bonds.

A quick example will show the futility of this argument. If an atom bomb goes off, there's going to be an exact radius where all the frozen pizzas in that exact radius are perfectly cooked. If you're closer to the explosion, the pizza would be decimated. If you're further away from the explosion, the pizza may not cook it all. But if you're exactly in the right radius of the blast, the pizza will be perfectly cooked. This doesn't mean the store's location or the bomb's location was finally tuned. It is what it is.

Everything has a cause

This argument is generally referred to as the Kalam argument or the prime mover.

Where did you come from? Where did your parents come from? And keep going with that line of questioning until you get to the very beginning of existence.

"Something had to start it, right?"

"Everything needs a creator, right?"

The second question here deals with the creator. Most people will call the Earth and creation. There is no evidence that we were created. There's no way you can prove that we were created without comparing our created universe to a naturally formed universe. If you don't have the data set from a comparison, then you can't make that claim.

That question is also self-defeating. Who created the creator? If the creator doesn't need a creator, then neither does the universe. Again, you would have to show that the universe is created before you could insert the need for a creator.

What made the Big bang happen?

The short answer is we don't know. We have some theories. Religion is also a theory. However, religion's answer is MAGIC!

That's just silly in my opinion. Nothing supernatural has ever been proven before. Every time there's been a supernatural claim, there's been a logical answer for it.

My personal theory on what happened that started the Big bang is that the universe has always been here. Astro-physicist Stephen Hawkings had once said that if the universe was intelligently designed for anything, it was intelligently designed for black holes. Black holes eat up everything around them. They're like a big giant space vacuum. When two black holes get together, they create a supermassive black hole. Eventually, these black holes would absorb all the matter from the universe and would begin to implode upon themselves. Once they were imploded into a super dense chunk of matter, it would have to explode and start the next cycle of the universe over.

Boom! Naturalistic explanation with no God needed.


A good portion of the world is Christian and a larger portion believes in some sort of god.

The Bible is the most printed book in history.

Okay? So it's popular. So is flat earth. So is the idea that the gods were mad at us and that's where lightning came from. Does being popular mean it's right?

Would the prevalence of Christianity and the Bible have anything to do with Christians murdering millions of people throughout the ages in an attempt to promote their own religion? Those same Christians burning books that didn't agree with their teachings?

The Christian religion is only popular because Christians have been a murderous bunch for centuries. You shouldn't be proud of yourself.


This is the most ridiculous thing they do. They try to scare you into believing.

"You don't want to burn in hell forever, do you?"

In my Street preacher video post that I made a while back, that guy tried to use that with me.

First off, no I don't want to burn in hell.

Second, I don't believe in your hell.

Okay, so what would convince an atheist?


Even if the Christian could use some sort of logic trap to get you to admit that there must be a god, they still have the impossible task of proving their own specific flavor of God correct.

Feelings are not evidence. I feel there is no god. Does that work?

Faith is not evidence. Faith is the placeholder for where the evidence goes. If you have evidence, you don't need faith. Again, I have faith that there's no god. Does that count as evidence?

Muslims and Christians both have faith in their gods but they can't both be right. However, they could both be wrong.

The fact that God uses stupid humans to try to spread his message just shows how ridiculous this whole notion is.

This isn't grade school. If Jesus loves me, he can tell me himself.

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