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Is Jesus God?

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Biblically speaking, there are more verses that show that Jesus is not god, but rather a chosen son of God.

In the first few centuries of the modern era, Jesus was never thought to be a God by the mainstream theologies. Jesus was deified as time went on. To make the story more predominant and impacting, the stories were then transformed into making Jesus a God. The nicean council was formed around 325 CE which came together to fully deify Jesus in the teachings of christianity.

The people closest in time to Jesus did not think he was a God. The people closest to Jesus in Time thought he was an apocalyptic prophet. Chosen by god. On a mission from god. But definitely not God.

Imagine, if you can, your 9th birthday. Imagine the difference in the story you would tell about it back then and now. How many details would you have lost in that time. Now, we need to hear that story from someone who was never there, decades later. And this is your gospel. Your gospels are written decades later by people who were not there. None of the gospel writers ever met jesus. Now imagine if someone was writing about your birthday party who wasn't even there. They only heard stories of your birthday party. You weren't a god at your 9th birthday party, but maybe a hundred years later, the stories reflect to show that you were a god.

Let's do another thought exercise to see whether or not you would accept Jesus as god.

In the beginning, Jesus created the heavens and the Earth.

Are you with me so far? Are we comfortable saying that? If Jesus is god, then that should be an accurate statement.

Jesus sent Moses to rescue the Jews from the pharaoh.

Jesus killed the first born sons of egypt. Jesus killed all the babies in the flood. Jesus killed all the babies in Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus ordered his people to kill all the midianites and save the Virgin daughters for themselves. So Jesus ordered his people to rape little girls.

Moving on to the New testament. Jesus went to the garden to pray to Jesus. On the cross, Jesus yelled out to Jesus, jesus, why have you forsaken me?

Christians worship two gods but call them one. I think everybody out there knows how to count to at least two. The old pantheons of the early canaanites, which were the Jews as well, included many gods. So in one of the lower gods was then moved to the position of head God to the jews, he was then understood to be the only God and you are now with him or against him. The god of the jews, or yahweh, what is the god of wind and weather in one of the other pantheons in Canaanite theology.

If you didn't worship this one single god, God would send his people to exterminate your village. The idea of a singular God became predominant in Jewish theology.

If Jesus was a separate god, that would shatter the foundations of the religion. Then we would have made a complete circle and went back to the multi-god pantheon.

Many Christians would say that you can't understand this. That faith is required to understand. The fact of the matter is that this is bogus mental gymnastics and you just have to turn to blind eye to it if you want to believe it's true.

If Jesus is god, then Jesus ordered his people to rape little girls.

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