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Is slavery good or bad?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The Bible tells us that slavery is okay.

You can beat your slaves as long as they recover by the end of the second day.

You can sell your daughters into sexual slavery. Those female slaves must not go out as the men do. They must stay in and please their master. They can be bought for the master or for the master's son.

There are many verses that tell you where to buy your slaves from and how long you're allowed to have them and how you can trick them into staying as your slave forever.

The New testament tells slaves to obey their masters, even the cruel ones. But it doesn't tell the slave masters to let the slaves go.

When people look at the Confederate flag, they say it's bad because of slavery. But the Bible stands for the same thing. Is slavery good or bad? If we're going to ban the Confederate flag, shouldn't we also be banning the bible? Not only does the bible condone slavery, but it also orders its people to kill babies and rape little girls. So the book with the more disgusting unhumanitarian outlooks on life is allowed to stay but the flag that has one bad aspect has to go? Does this make sense to anybody else?

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