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It's never anyone's fault

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Anytime you talk to a Christian about this, you get the same answers.

"They weren't real Christians."

"We need to do better."

"I didn't do that."

"That wasn't my fault."

People are hurt and suffering and dying because of the Bible and it's followers. Yet somehow, it's nobody's fault. Nobody will be held accountable for the actions of their group.

It's everyone else's fault.

"I have the Spirit but nobody else does."

The Bible teaches a dangerous mindset that the correct path is one you decide yourself. No matter how awful of a person you are or how inhumane your values may be, you're correct if you think you have the spirit. If somebody doesn't agree with you, they must not have the spirit.

People are dying and it's nobody's fault.

What do we do about this? The way I see it is we look at the common denominator. What do all of these people have in common? The bible.

And anyone who reads the Bible, not just bits and pieces from it here and there, but the Bible as a whole would say that the Bible is a horrible book. That the characters in The Bible are horrible characters. God creates evil and then kills his own creation because of it. God creates evil and then created an eternal torture place for his own creation. God designs us and our brain and then faults us for his design. The message of the book is quite sadistic and narcissistic. Christians are brainwashed into this death cult and the only hope for a future is to wake them up.


#1 in homelessness, people incarcerated, political corruption, unaffordable healthcare, social disconnect between the work and class and the one percent, and currently, the biggest Christian population per capita.

When you look at these other countries, they don't have Jesus or a large prison population or is much homelessness and they also have free healthcare. When the people delude themselves into thinking that God has everything in control then they don't look at the reality of the world around them.

They talk everything up to God's plan. And the things they don't like, that's obviously satan. Satan somehow can disrupt God's plan. God didn't know what people were going to do when they chose satan. God created Satan knowing exactly what Satan was going to do and yet our loving God created Satan anyway.

(Yes, my current narrative is from the Christian understanding of Satan and not the historical understanding)

We have free will which allows us to make our choices even though God designed our brain and knows exactly what we're going to choose and it's all part of his plan.

If the Christians weren't hurting anyone, I wouldn't care what they believe. I wouldn't care about their faith and religiousness. But their religious lifestyle hurts other people on a daily basis. Their ignorance contributes to so much hurt and despair.

I beg you, I implore you, take an active stance and helping humanity by challenging the evil around you. Numbers 31 says to kill everyone and save the Virgin daughters for yourselves. They are The spoils of war. Their God is literally commanding his people to rape little girls. Christians are pedophiles by definition.

No matter how high and mighty they act, they are a pedophile. Even the worst ruler and emperor thought he was a good person. Take a stand! Save our future! Stop the abuse!

Let me know if I can give you any information or help you in any way if you're having problems with Christians in your life or community.

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