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Jesus was wrong

An important note before we get started is that the earliest gospel was written 40 years after Jesus died. This means that nobody who wrote the gospels knew jesus. Nobody who wrote the gospels ever met jesus. And it was highly unlikely that somebody who met Jesus told a first-hand account to the person who wrote the gospel.

The only known author of any of the New testament writings to have lived in the time that Jesus lived was paul. Paul never met Jesus but according to the stories, he had two separate visions from god.

Not all of you standing here today will taste death before I return.

Jesus told a crowd of people that he would be returning in their lifetime. Many scholars suspect that since these people thought Jesus would return, there was no need to write anything down. People would just remember.

So if there is any truth in what the gospels say that Jesus said, Jesus was wrong. Jesus did not return as he declared.

Paul wrote in one of his letters that people shouldn't even worry about having kids because Jesus was going to return so quickly. Paul got his message directly from God. God implanted into Paul's mind that Jesus would return very soon. An idea that was so dire that Paul thought we shouldn't even have kids. If Paul was wrong, does this mean God is a bad messenger? That God is unable to effectively communicate? Paul is just saying what Jesus said, and Jesus was god.

Is God wrong? Did God change his mind? Can we trust what God says?

There was a sect of Christians in the early times that also believed that Jesus would be returning so quickly that they had no need to have kids.

This idea was given to the people in the time of jesus. This wasn't an interpretation that came hundreds of years later. This was directly in jesus's time when they believed Jesus would return. Jesus himself said he would return.

Unless you know somebody who is 2,000 years old, Jesus was wrong. Paul was wrong. God was wrong.

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