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Muslim global domination

Muslims, like the rest of the abrahamic faiths, want to take over the world. Muslims, like every other religious group out there, have varying sets of beliefs on what is and is not required by their faith. This may not apply to all muslims, but it applies to most. If we look to Muslim dominated countries, we see that there is a zero tolerance for speaking or acting against the ways of their teachings.

Muslims initially had a dominating presence when they first came upon the scene. They have mentions in their Quran about people of the book. These were specifically referring to the Jews who were steadfast followers the Jewish Bible which contains the god of abraham. Since Muslims and Jews alike worship the god of abraham, they had a special dealing with the people of the book.

Muslims would allow the Jews to continue to practice their religion in Muslim territories but the Jews must pay a tax.

The Muslim domination started when they would force people to either convert, pay a tax or die.

This practice was only disrupted at one point during the Ottoman empire when the emperor wanted to expand his military. Most of his military were Muslims and the emperor was having problems recruiting more people because they didn't want to join the Muslim faith. If they had joined the military at the time, they knew they would be forced to join islam. The emperor had to make a ruling that the Muslims were not allowed to practice their domination by force. This way, the emperor could gain more people for his military.

Another tactic used by Muslims and Christians alike is to misrepresent what their holy text says.

Christians will try to rope you in by telling you that Jesus loves you and never talk about things like numbers 31 where God orders his people to rape little girls.

Muslims today will read you verses that sound wonderful but have been abrogated, or changed, by later verses.

Both religions will try to suck you in with the good stories and once they have you, then you learn the rest of it.

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