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Only hypocritical Christians are against abortion

Christian say they are against abortion. They do this because they believe their God feels this way. If Christians read the Bible, they would know exactly where their God stands on abortion.

Let's take a look at some of the stuff in the Bible where God makes his standpoint on abortion.

In the flood, god killed the born and unborn babies without hesitation. Without mercy. Without a morsel of humanity.

In the plagues of egypt, God killed babies because of a grudge against the pharaoh.

In Sodom and Gomorrah, God killed the babies, born and unborn, without hesitation.

In the book of Numbers chapter 5, God teaches his people how to perform an abortion.

God's morality is absolute, according to the christians.

They may try and talk away this point, but it says clearly in the Bible that these Christians consider God's word that your mind is not God's mind. And God is the same today as he is tomorrow. Also, most Christians believe that Jesus is God which makes Jesus the world's best abortionist.

When you see Christians protesting outside of an abortion clinic, they are protesting against their own god. How ironic is that?

They don't want their god. They only want the idea that they've collectively come up with for that God to be.

If you swear by your filthy and disgusting book, then by your filthy and disgusting book you will be judged.

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