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Sometimes you have to rape little girls...

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

This is not my own statement, rather a lesson you learn from one of the Bible stories.

In the bible, in numbers 31, it shows God's people under the order of God through his prophets and the king of Israel that they were to completely destroy another village because that village was worshiping a different guy. The verse says to kill them all and save the Virgin daughters for yourselves. Why just the Virgin daughters? Save them for what?

If you read down in that chapter, it also says they sacrifice some of these virgin daughters to god as tribute.

Let me also add that in at least two other Bible stories, Genesis 19 and judges 19, when the townspeople were looking to have sexual relations with the man at the house, the man would offer his virgin daughters for the townspeople to rape instead.

Some of the more well-read Bible advocates might interject that there are specific rules for doing combat with other nations. And if you look at these rules, it says after 30 days, you can have sex with her. Some version say you can make her your wife, which is code word for have sex with her.

And at which point, if you no longer fancy her, you can throw her out like the piece of trash she is. Women are nothing in God's world except baby makers to carry on the father's name.

In order for someone to read this passage in the Bible and say God is good, they would have to say "sometimes you have to rape little girls." "It is okay to rape little girls." "We may be called upon to rape little girls and we must do so for our loving God."

God is beyond time and space and his morality is absolute. God is the same today as he is tomorrow. God said raping little girls was okay or necessary.

Personally, I can't think of any situation where it would be necessary to rape a little girl. No matter the situation, if a little girl was raped I don't think I would call that good.

Of the small handful of friends that have told me that they have been raped, none of them said that was good.

If you follow God knowing that God may call on you someday and knowing what he's asked of his people in the past, you're a pedophile.

If you can read a story about girls getting raped and you side with the rapist, I hope you die in a car fire.

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