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Stupid stuff Christians say

"it's going to be hot in hell"

This is a direct threat. The hypocrites who are told not to judge others are casting their judgment upon you and threatening you with eternal torture. Act accordingly. Get loud and call them out as aggressively as you can.

"Every knee will bow"

So you're threatening to take away my freedoms, huh? You're threatening me with enslavement, huh?

"I'll pray for you"

This is the most subtle and underhanded remark that a Christian will make. They're basically saying that you're not as good as they are and they'll pray to their God to make you a better person.

What is prayer?

Does God have a master plan? Would God change his master plan just because somebody prayed? What do they think their prayer would actually do? When you ask a Christian what their prayer does, they start talking away all of the magic properties that they once claimed it had.

I prayed for my kid and he got better. Does this mean God would have let the kid die if you didn't pray? Why does he heal your kid and not the other kids? Why does he let 25,000 people die every day of starvation? What about their prayers? So what does prayer really do? It certainly doesn't change anything here on Earth.

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