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Teaching children the Bible is child abuse

As children grow up and their mind develops and matures, it develops from how it has been sculpted. Children are taught selective stories from the Bible and only parts of those stories.

They are told Noah and his family are good and they were saved from the flood but don't teach that God drowned all these innocent babies in the process.

Children are taught to love God and Jesus and that God and Jesus are good. Then as they get older, they hear the bad stuff that goes along with the stories in the Bible but have already come to a preconceived notion that God is good so anything they hear about him must be righteous. God killed all the firstborn children in egypt. Well God is good, so I love him.

The only person who wins in this situation are the corrupt people in our society. We will overlook all the monstrosities that politicians and police and so many others do because we are told from a young age that they are good.

Many have said before that there are no such thing as Christian children. Merely, there are children of Christian households.

Parents who raise their children under the Christian faith, are doing a huge disservice to their child's mentality moving forward.

When the child finally hears the story where God orders his people to kill everyone but save the Virgin daughters for themselves, the child presumes that God is good and therefore there must be a good reason for this. Anyone who is not devoid of humanity would know that there is never a good time to rape little girls.

The Bible teaches that the poor will always be with us. This is a very clever way to ignore all the pain and suffering out there and write it off to God's will. 25,000 people die every day of starvation in a world that has an abundance of supplies that could feed everyone. The poor will always be with us. So why do so many people die of starvation babies die of cancer? The Christians say it's because of sin. Sin is something that God created. Nothing in this world exists that God didn't make, according to the Christians.

I ask you, would the world be a better place if we were all raised to believe that we're at fault and horrible people and in need of saving and we can't do anything to be a good person without somebody else's help or would it be better if we raised our children to fully understand the difference between Good and Evil based on its inherent effects on other people and that we are responsible for taking care of each other?

We teach the kids that this monster of a god is good and we get our morality from him when everything we know about him says he is a disgusting and vile person.

If we made teaching the Bible to children illegal, maybe we would have a better future without all these lies and corruption that we were brought up with.

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