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The sanctity of marriage

You will hear many Christians trying to defend the sanctity of marriage based on biblical principles.

Let's take a look at how the Bible defines marriage.

The first marriage was an unofficial marriage between Adam and Eve. Depending if you've read the first or second chapter in genesis, you will see that either Adam and Eve were made at the same time or Adam was made and then Eve was made. The most predominant storyline is that Adam was made first and then Eve was later made out of his rib. He made Eve for adam. He made Adam a sex partner. The first marriage was made by God and had nothing to do with love and affection. It was made so that Adam would not be bored.

We then moved to the next famous marriage in the Bible which was between Abraham and his wife, Sarah. When Sarah could not conceive a baby, Abraham used Sarah's slave to conceive a baby. This was over 3,000 years ago, which was before all the modern fertilization techniques. Abraham had to get right in there and plant the seed.

The Israelites had a very strict marriage requirement. The woman must be a virgin upon marriage. If their archaic and rudimentary methodology for determining whether or not she was a virgin upon consummation of their marriage was not successful, the woman would be stoned to death. The rules for determining her virginity was given by God through their prophets. God is supposed to be the Creator and designer who should know how the human body works. In a Salem witch trial mentality, if the archaic method of determining the woman's virginity proved her to not be a virgin, she was declared a whore and then stoned to death. Even though God knows how the human body works because he designed it, he commanded his people to slut shame an innocent woman right before her death. The Bible says that the woman's tokens of virginity must be shown to prove her virginity. These tokens are the blood that comes from the hymen being broken upon penetration. The blood would be found in the sheets which are spread out and held up for the town to see. Girls can have their hymen broken from sports or horseback riding or any other strenuous activities. The hymen could have been broken and the girl may never have had any sort of adult contact in her life. But she still gets called a whore and then gets stoned to death. The girl could have also been getting plowed on a daily basis by a guy who has a 3-inch member who never was able to break the hymen. This is hardly the proof of her virginity. Wouldn't God know that? Wouldn't The God who created the girls hymen know that? Wouldn't The God who created the guy with a 3-in member know that?

If the woman did get married and her husband died, the brother of the husband was to take care of her. If there was no brother available, the wife would go back to her father. This is because in that time, women were property. Marriage was just the transferring of property from the dad to the husband. Seeing how that property legally transfers in their community, this should make perfect sense to you. This, along with many other parts of the bible, show that women are just property.

The sanctity of the Christian marriage has nothing to do with the Bible. The Christian marriage is just a bigoted and hateful ideology.

When a Christian uses the Bible to validate their beliefs, this shows their own hypocrisy of not knowing what the Bible says. The Bible is God's holy word when it says something the Christians want to hear. The Bible is written by man when it says something they don't want to hear.

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