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The traditional Christian marriage

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Many people argue against gay marriage because they want to keep their traditional marriage ideals in place. But what are the traditional Christian marriage ideals?

If we look in the Bible at the marriages, we can get a good sense of what marriage actually is and what it means based on God's word which is where Christians drive their ideals from.

Abraham was married to Sarah. She was infertile so Abraham slept with her slave.

King David, the one who the Messiah was prophecy to come from, had many wives in many concubines.

Many of the Kings of Israel had many wives in many concubines.

So the idea of one man and one woman is not a Christian ideal. It's most definitely not based on the Bible.

And the examples above, which are very important figures in the bible, there is no sexual sanctity of marriage.

There is no spiritual and emotional commitment between the husband and wife.

As said in the Old testament and reaffirmed in the new testament, women are property.

The Old testament lays it out more plainly in that a woman who loses her husband should be then cared for by the brother. The brother should marry the widow. If there is no brother to be found, the widow returns to her father. It's arranged this way because women are property. They are merely a tool for the man to have his bloodline passed on.

Women are supposed to submit to their husbands as their husbands submit to Christ.

He who divorces his wife for any reason other than sexual immorality and marries another has committed adultery.

How do you know if the wife has been sexually immoral? You don't. But in the off chance she got pregnant, then there is a way. Just like the Hebrews way to make sure the woman is a virgin is for her to bleed when she engages in intercourse even though a man with a 3-inch member may not break the hymen, the unfaithful wife test is only effective if the wife becomes pregnant. You would think that a God who created everything and designed everything would know this.

The unfaithful wife test is where the man would take his wife to the temple with a bishop or priest and he would then make a dirty water concoction that the wife would drink. If she was with child, the child would come out. This is God's recipe for an abortion and obviously his approval for abortions.

The Christian ideology for marriage is just as barbaric and disgusting is everything else in that religion.

Fun note, my mother is a two time adulterer. She is on her third marriage and still stands by the Bible despite the Bible not standing beside her. The hypocrisy is everywhere.

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