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The Trinity; the father, the son and the BS story

The doctrine of the Trinity was created in 325 CE. Before that time, there were a lot of conflicting thoughts about Jesus and god. There were many people who believe that Jesus was the son of God, and not God the son. There were people who thought Jesus was just an apocalyptic preacher, just a guy preaching God's message.

Churches were teaching all these different viewpoints. The council of nicea was formed to try and bring the churches together and teach one coherent message. This is almost 300 years after jesus. There were even people who believed that Jesus wasn't a real person. Rather, he was a spirit. This was another copied theme from other religions such as the egyptians. The Egyptian priests believed Osiris was just a spirit but they taught him to be a real person because they feared that people wouldn't believe and follow Osiris if they thought he was just a spirit. Since the Jews are Canaanites in Canaanite mythology spreads all across the region, all of these thought processes were still in play across the area.

Jesus made many statements expressing that he was not the same person as the father. He came from the father. He said to worship the father. He did not say to worship god, who is me. He did not say to worship himself. Jesus said to worship the father.

Jesus said that only the Father knows certain things. That implies that the father has a separate mind from the sun which makes them different beings.

When Jesus was on the cross, he shouted out, "father, why have you forsaken me?" If Jesus is god, then God would know God's plan.

Before Jesus was captured, he went into the garden to pray. To pray to whom?

There is a verse, out of context, that says "I and the father are one." I know it's surprising that Christians would use a verse out of context, but in this story, Jesus goes on to say that he is the son of god. That God set him aside from the others. That he was doing the works of the father.

Why is it so important that Jesus is god?

Theologically, it wouldn't make a difference if Jesus was God or God's son. This really seems like such an arbitrary point to make a big fuss over. There is no prophecy that says the Messiah must be god. Would anything be different if Jesus was just God's chosen Avatar on earth?

Why is the Trinity so important?

Once people created Jesus as a god, they couldn't reconcile there being two gods. There is only one God and he is a jealous god. As you can research on your own, God used to have a wife named Asherah. There are remnants of this theology in the bible. But God is a jealous God so his wife was kicked out of the story.

So Jesus could not be a different God worthy of worship. Jesus had to be the same god.

The Jews created their religion in a time when many gods were being worshiped. Every different city had their own set of Gods. A god of peace, a god of war, a god of weather, etc. So when the Jews adopted their God theology, they declared that their God was the only god. That only God must have sole reign over the people. If Jesus was another god, then their whole theology falls apart.

Christians invented the world's very first polytheistic monotheism.

In every other religious theology, having multiple gods would be considered a pantheon. That's basically a family tree for the gods. But Christianity refuses to call their Trinity a pantheon. All their gods are equal and the same which makes them one guy. But their book shows that they are definitely separate beings. The holy Spirit came down separately when Jesus was being baptized. Jesus prayed and called out to a different being numerous times.

Christians are once again trying to redefine words. When they say they have one god, please correct them and let them know that the socially and scholarly accepted terminology is pantheon.

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