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Where does morality come from?

When Christians talk about morality, they're not using the same words and definitions that everybody else is using. Morality is what is defined as your ability to tell right from wrong, good from evil. When Christians talk about morality, they're only talking about things that will keep them out of hell. So what they actually mean is legal or illegal based on their God's laws.

When they say good and evil, they think anything God does is good, including killing babies and ordering his people to rape little girls. They say evil is not following that baby killing god. Christians spend a great deal of time redefining words. Unfortunately, the dictionary is just a reflection of common usage of words in society. So if they push their definitions long enough, the dictionary will reflect what they say words mean. So we're going to have to have another word to substitute for morality if they continue using morality in that usage.

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